In the decade since the end of the Guild Wars, the oppressive Terran Confederacy has stood unchallenged in its supremacy over colonized space.

All of that changed four days ago when a large alien fleet emerged from warp-space and laid waste to the ususpecting Confederate colony of Chau Sara.

The Confederacy, fearing that the alien fleet’s next target will be the colony of Mar sara, has sent you to intervene. Acting as Magistrate, you are to safegaurd the colonists and keep their state of panic from escalating any further.

Location: Wasteland
Office of the Colonial Magistrate
Mar Sara Colony

01.| Tyke – Do It Now
02.| Spaow – New Step
03.| Origin feat The Notorious BIG – Rancid Funk (Logo Mashup)
04.| Cabin Fever UK – Pure Acid (VIP Mix)
05.| Dialogue & Version – Stink Bomb
06.| Guv – Limb by Limb
07.| Klip & Outlaw feat. Fatman D – Wiggle
08.| Nu Elementz – False Assumption (New Mix)
09.| Cabin Fever UK – Rock Skool
10.| Tyke feat. Daddy Earl – Big Sound
11.| Shield – I LIke That
12.| Crystal Clear & Zen – Heavy (VIP Mix)
13.| Dialogue – Regrets (VIP Mix)
14.| Version – Come See
15.| Jayline feat. Barikade – Digital Pimp
16.| Damage Report – Drawing (Dub V2)
17.| Pasco feat. Alicia King – The Voices
18.| Serum – Tommy Gun
19.| TC – Get Down Low (Cino Remix)
20.| Guv, Pish Posh, Evol Intent feat. Wu Tang Clan – Spinnin’ C.R.E.A.M (Logo’s Corrupt Cops Edit)
21.| Dialogue – Good To Go (VIP 2)
22.| Version – Eyeball Rhythm
23.| Damage Report – Take Me
24.| Macky Gee – Deserted Riddim
25.| Dialogue – Made Up Words
26.| T<I – Misguided Youth
27.| Tyke feat. Prestige – Shatter The Sentence
28.| Amplify Dot feat. Busta Rhymes – I’m Good (Dub Motion Remix)
29.| Dialogue feat. Smoak – Tell the world (VIP Mix)
30.| Icicle feat. Skittles – Problem


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