The Cypher Sessions

The Cypher

Welcome to ‘The Cypher’.

2 hours of vocal influenced Drum & Bass, by hip hop & rappers like Nas, The Notorious B.I.G., Das EFX, Big L, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Method Man, Wu Tang Clan & more. That’s only half, Drum & Bass productions from the ones like Guv, Dominator, Protone, Roygreen, Iris, Quadrant, Break, Data, J:Kenzo, Bredren, Command Strange & too many others to list. This mix is for the heads, the hipstep massive. Crossbred two worlds for two hours of your personal enjoyment.

The mashups in this mix were cooked up for your listening pleasure by my canuck buddy DJ Logo. He hails from Calgary, Alberta’s @403DNB  crew. If you like what you hear, you can check his soundcloud here @DjLogo We both hope you enjoy them, and if you’d like to download the mashups separately, you can do so at the link here:

01.| Jayline feat. Timberland – Bounce (bootleg)
02.| Roygreen & Protone feat. Nas – Made Ya Look (Logo’s Bigfoot Sighting Edit)
03.| Eazy & Dominator feat. Biggie & Method Man – The Vengeance (Logo Mashup)
04.| Bredren feat. Method Man & Ashanti – Still On It (Logo’s Pestilence Edit)
05.| Andy Pain & Connection feat. Nelly – Grammar Examples (Logo Mashup)
06.| Fre4knc feat. The Notorious B.I.G. – Marching Back 2 Cali (Logo Mashup)
07.| Mutated Forms & Philth feat. Redman & Method Man – How High In The Future (Logo’s Split Personality Edit)
08.| Mutt feat. A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again, How I Used To (Logo & r00thie’s Crazy On My Mind Edit)
09.| Break feat. Big L, 2 Pac, The Notorious B.I.G – Isis (Logo’s Deadly Combination Edit)
10.| Hybris, Quadrant, D-Struct, Iris feat. Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest (Logo’s Graphene-Plated Edit)
11.| Origin feat. The Notorious B.I.G. – Rancid Funk (Logo Mashup)
12.| Bredren feat. Wu Tang Clan – Expedite The C.R.E.A.M. (Logo Mashup)
13.| Data feat. Blak Twang & Jahmali – Tapeworm (Logo’s So Rotten Edit)
14.| Thelem feat. Big L – Force It On (Logo Mashup)
15.| J:Kenzo feat. Das EFX – Ironclad Hip Hop (Logo & r00thie Mashup)
16.| Arp XP & Maurs feat. Pete Rock & INI – Fakin’ Delight (Logo Mashup)
17.| Derrik & Tonika feat. Mobb Deep & 50 Cent – Trentino Is Outta Control (Logo Mashup)
18.| Professor Green, Camo & Krooked feat. Mobb Deep & Lilly Allen – Just Be Good To Deep (Logo’s Halfway Crooks Edit)
19.| The Roots feat. Command Strange – Don’t See Us (Logo’s True Love Is Blind Edit)
20.| Bredren & Tom Small feat. N.W.A. – Sense Check (Logo Mashup)
21.| Furi Anga, Seba, Survival feat. The Notorious B.I.G. – Hooked On Gettin Wit Cha (Logo’s Jaded Edit)
22.| Kantyze feat. Jurassic 5 – Gold Breaker (Logo Mashup)
23.| Displaced Paranormals & Bredren feat. Mobb Deep – Stop & Turn (Logo’s Still SHook Mashup)
24.| Young G feat. Dr. Dre – Still Dre’s Shantytown (Logo Mashup)
25.| Guv feat. Nas – Power Moves Made Ya Look (Logo Mashup)
26.| Jaydan feat. Big L – Who Are You (Logo’s I’m Flamboyant Mashup)
27.| Pish Posh & Evol Intent, Guv feat. Wu Tang Clan – Spinnin’ C.R.E.A.M. (Logo’s Corrupt Cops Edit)
28.| Cino feat. Jay Z – The City Is Original (Logo Mashup)
29.| The Roots & Filthy Habbits – Don’t Say The Unknown (Logo Mashup)
30.| Cino feat. Nas, Kool G Rap, Dirty Dike – Hold Back The Rant For The Fastlife (Logo Mashup)
31.| Evol Intent, GUV feat. N.W.A – Knowledge Check (Logo’s 36K Edit)
32.| Freeze feat. Big L – Flamboyant Arrival (Logo Mashup)
33.| Kantyze feat. Nas – Marauders Get Down (Logo Mashup)
34.| Amoss feat. Nas – Got Yourself A Monster (Logo Mashup)
35.| Reza feat. Gangstarr – Unknown Feelings (Logo’s You Do What You Can Edit)
36.| Brother feat. The Notorious B.I.G. – Sookie Is The Limit (Logo Mashup)
37.| Etherwood feat. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – One Day, We’ll Reminisce Over You (Logo Mashup)
38.| Loxy & Resound feat. Dr. Dre, Xzibit, Eminem – Conqueror Xzibit (Logo’s Fullvox Edit)


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