NAPDNB, Drum & Bassment Recap & The latest from dEEb on Hush.FM

Day after Indy, and I’m still feeling Indy. Everything was a breeze, practically painless besides waiting for the rest of the team to show up. The Basement, which is very literal. Is part of a three bar tower block that features two other slosh pits. Taps & Dolls as Well as Sky Bar resided above where some of Indy’s best talent was making noise.
Besides having a handful of classic arcade games, pool tables & skee ball. /r/indianapolis hosted a Super Smash Bros. Tournament. The bar was literally the irl version of the internet. Coolest party I’ve been to in a while.
DJ Hollowpoint of Indianapolis Drum & Bass collective saw me out the door with one of there prized positions leaving me with a night I’ll never forget.
I missed posting this a week ago because the prep for Drum & Bassment party in Indy.


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