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Dioptrics Tracklist:

Dioptrics & RA:SKL – Maniac [Abducted LTD]
Tuff Touch – Chapter 33 [Mayan]
Agressor Bunx – Rhodium [Eatbrain]
Aaronic – Frontline [Mainframe]
Document One – Small Steps [Technique]
Ophlot – Timelash [Abducted LTD]
A-Cray & Entita – Can’t Wait (A-Cray RMX) [Authentic]
Recs – Bloodhound (Maztek RMX) [Mayan]
Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – Thug [Blackout]
Malux – Fonk [Bad Taste]
Dose – The Summoning [Abducted LTD]
Traced – Cybernetics [Mayan]
The Clamps – Eternal Hunger [Trendkill]
Toronto is Broken – Want You [Sub Slayers]
Insomniax – Uridium [Viper]
Fade – Rave Song [Abducted LTD]
Volatile Cycle ft Nuklear MC – Impact [Mayan]
Dizkret – Breathe Out [Genome]
2Whales – Croshit [Warfare]
Allied – Obscurity [Methlab]
Ophlot – Seismic [Abducted LTD]
Revaux – Solidify [Authentic]
Mean Teeth – Transfixed [Santoku]
Lisp – Turmoil [Delta 9]
GLXY & Malaky – Marquis [Soulvent]
Phaney – Back Home [Abducted LTD]
Document One – Run the Block [Technique]
Insomniax – Longest Night [Viper]
Toronto is Broken ft Jodie Carnall – Breathe Clear [Sub Slayers]
Phaney – The Rookie [Abducted LTD]
Deeb Tracklist

01.| Serial Killaz – Killa Klash (Annix) [KILLAZ006DIG]
02.| Limited – The Shuffle Skank (Konichi) [BIODIGI0062]
03.| Annix – Nuff Sound Can’t Play [FREE]
04.| Sappo – Bristol Beat (Nu:Elementz) [ADV021]
05.| Guv, Majistrate – Dirty Cops VIP [DUBZ013]
06.| Limited – Orders [BIODIGI0053]
07.| Majistrate – Pick’Em Out [LDDR050]
08.| D* Minds, Jakes – Gold Chain [DSR024DA]
09.| Gridlok – Insceticide [P51UK24]
10.| 2dB – Happy Days [TECH083]
11.| Nu:Logic feat. Lifford – Everlasting Days [NHS231DDS]
12.| Voltage – Stun Gun [LDDR051]
13.| Jayline feat. MC Grima – What’s My Name [SBA018]
//.| Nu:Elementz – Like It [SWEET015]
15.| Konichi – Immolated [FREE]
16.| Flaco – Got To Have (Heist) [COLABLP001]
17.| Heist – Paper Business [COLABDIG004]
18.| Rowney, Propz – Hold Me (Heist) [OMGRECS001]
//.| Pleasure, Heist – Code 3 [PLAYAZ047D]
20.| Mob Tactics – Rave Weapon [FREE]

Deeb Info:

Contact & Booking: deebdnb@gmail.com
Profile & Bio: http://www.hushfm.com/deeb.html
Check out my website on WordPress: http://www.is.gd/drumnbass
You can follow me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/brandondnb
You can like me on Facebook: http://www.fb.me/deebdnb

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