Marijuana Connoisseur, Photoshop Enthusiast, Tune Reviewer, Radio Show Host, Internet Personality, Junglist


I’m Brandon ‘dEEb’ Bean, Newly added to the Best Drum And Bass roster; you can read reviews from myself & colleagues about some of the best music in Drum & Bass. As well as listen to their weekly podcast series, featuring producers & djs in game currently. Internet personality as well as radio show host on the constantly changing Hush FM. I create & distribute clothing for marijuana enthusiast & junglists alike on The Jungle Foundation

A little about myself, “In The Mode” by Roni Size & Reprezent that had a tune called “Raillings Pt. 2” is what got me into Drum & Bass at a very young age. I got to peep and buy the album at a F.Y.E. which is about as common as blockbuster these days. Fast forward many a moons, I did lots of raving from 2008-2011 listening to various forms of underground dance music all while trying to perfect a craft of my own. I dabbled anywhere from Italian Hardstyle and labels such as Titanic & POLL. To 4×4 UK Bassline UKG. But Drum & Bass was always there. It wasn’t until 2011 where I kicked the last genre of dance music I was holding on too… Dubstep and focus primarily on Drum & Bass as if it was a full time job. The last 4 years have absolutely flown by in my career in Drum & Bass…. loaded with good and very bad times. Good things on the horizon currently, I’ve been on multiple Drum & Bass internet radio stations across the global and have covered podcast series from a vast amount of Drum & Bass promoters. As well as released a handful of High Quality Studio Mixes with incredible(ha) album art that I mostly do all myself. Anywhere from maintaing my website, to weekly bi-weekly radioshows and keeping in contact with my local midwest Drum & Bass promoters. My only motive is to promote a healthy form of Drum & Bass. To make friends and affiliates a long the way. My future goals are to to be able to travel and hang out with my friends across the globe playing Drum & Bass and sharing the stage with them. Icon’s & legends do not do me justice when I’ve seen underground unkwnown nobody’s demolish dance floors while I’ve been entirely disappointed by the likes Andy C.


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