Hymns On Tapes feat. Kwek MC


Beyond stoked about starting this new series with whomever wants to be a part of it. I’ve got one of my good friends with loud pipes and a message to be heard kicking this franchise off just right. ‘Hymns On Tapes” is a series in which the priority focus of the project is to represent American MCs the way they should be. Properly and with a 110% quality. I want to highlight some of the best American MCs that I know hands down will upon delivery, give you something different. Working with Hush Fm & Hush Digital to help host and make this all a reality.

The first of the series titled “Hymns On Tapes” is dEEb’s approach at completing the full spectrum that is drum and bass jungle music. That means a DJ & MC. Starting this series we have Kwek MC based out of southern California has been on the rise as a newcomer in the drum and bass scene in Los Angeles. Together providing content with unique bars with exponential delivery we give, something you cannot find any place else.

Hush Digital
Hush FM Radio
Hush Foundation
01.| Voltage – Colours
02.| Nu:Elementz – Dayzed (T>I)
03.| A.M.C, Turno – Disconnected
04.| Upgrade, T>I – Lobster Pot
05.| Voltage – Junk Yard Dog
06.| Damage Report – Polluted Shadows
07.| Serum – Fly Paper VIP
08.| Limited – Badman Champion
09.| Voltage – Suspicious
10.| T>I – Them Bells
11.| Hizzleguy & Agro – Fat Sack
12.| Upgrade, T>I – Blipschord
13.| Voltage – Step On Necks
14.| Logan D, Dominator – Ready Or Not (Bootleg)
15.| Prototypes feat. Amy Pearson – Don’t Let Me go (Big Top Mix)
16.| Dominator, Upgrade – Couldn’t Care Less
17.| Heist, Turno – Glad You Came
18.| Bass Brothers – WTF
19.| Out For The Milli Annix
20.| T>I – Minimal Genocide
21.| Serum, VoltageBreak It Down
22.| Phantom Warrior – Sky Is The Limit (dEEb)
23.| T>I – Let It Roll
24.| Voltage – Message



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