đRum & Bass Friday’s with @BrandonDNB on @HushFMRadio (2-17-2017)


Spent the last few days reorganizing my big binder of CDs, yes I might as well be the last dude on earth still using them but as long as industry standard sits with hardware that has CD drives. I’ll use them. Better half of the last 4 years building a wicked collection. You can see me in the booth with a CD spool, placing every tune I finish playing in order. It’s how I’m able to tracklist all my sets like this on Hush.FM every single Monday & Friday!

You can catch this program from your mobile device or personal computer on Tune In App and its as simple as logging in with Facebook and listening to an hour of quality drum & bass. Archives can be caught on my Mixcloud profile. My Soundcloud profile as well as DNBSHARE. Just simply search @BrandonDNB in the Download Archive section of DNBSHARE.

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▒ Location: Hush.FM
▒ Stream: HERE
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▓ Archive: HERE
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#001.| Serum, Jaybee, Dave Owne – Pure Vibes
#002.| P.A – Ya Don’t Fool Me
#003.| Voltage – Unexplainable
#004.| Tyke – Buzzards
#005.| Taxman – Cool It Judy VIP
#006.| Benny L – Bullfighter (Serum)
#007.| Majistrate – Step Up VIP
#008.| Ego Trippin’ – Barely Breathing
#009.| Jumpshot, Jahdon Blackkmoore – Headstrong (Liondub)
#010.| Decimal Bass, Profile – Foundation VIP
#011.| Dillinja – Shiners
#012.| Cabbie – Drums At The Ready
#013.| Caspa feat. Keith Flint – War (Hazard)
#014.| Voltage, Majistrate – Face The Pressure
#015.| Jayline – Legendary Engram VIP
#016.| Slum Dogz – Bad VIP
#017.| Sub Zero – Poon VIP
#018.| Serum – Wiretap VIP
#019.| Netsky – Cous Cous
#020.| Strider – Feel No Way
#021.| Benny Page – Just Like That
#022.| Myro – Playa (Annix)
#023.| Hoogs – Jungle Bad
#024.| Mob Tactics feat. Elephant Man – Crazy Hype
#025.| Voltage – Hard Goin’
#026.| Sly – Gas Bag
#027.| Phantom Warrior – Can’t Handle Me
#028.| Serum – Here Today Gone Tomorrow
#029.| Version, Decimal Bass – Owned VIP
#030.| Shield – Wonderland
#031.| S.P.Y feat. Diane Charlemagne – Dusty Fingers (dEEb)
#032.| Serum – Juice
#033.| Nicky Blackmarket, Voltage – Dub Tickles
#034.| Zen, Crystal Clear – Bullet
#035.| Jayline – Peanut Butter On Toast
#036.| J Majik, Wickaman, Hype feat. Daddy Earl – Dubplate Killa


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