M³ – Monday Morning Motivation with dEEb (5/29/2017)


Back from a loaded weekend, some of us are even fortunate enough to have this day off. A day of remembrance, something I think we in our culture can relate all too much about. Take a moment, appreciate the ones you have. Let go of the ones you no longer need. Today’s examination of jungle drum and bass and the itinerary down below.


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#001.| Version – Disassociate
#002.| Benny L – Freight Train
#003.| Kumarachi – Badman Ting VIP
#004.| Drum Addict – Pump (Modified Motion)
#005.| Ed Solo, Brockie – Turntable 1 (T>I)
#006.| Chase, Status feat. Topcat – Ruffest Gun Ark
#007.| Kumarachi – Droid Ting
#008.| Benny L – Backlash
#009.| Modified Motion, Faction – Our Quest
#010.| Chase, Status feat. Delilah – Time (Wilkinson)
#011.| Kumarachi – B.R.M
#012.| Chase, Status feat. Jacob Banks – Alive
#013.| Social Security – Box Builder
#014.| Bladerunner – Kick Off
#015.| Monk – I Spy Eye Nuh See (Serum, Serial Killaz)
#016.| Voltage – Message
#017.| Majistrate feat. Jessica Luck – Pressure
#018.| Modified Motion, Faction – System
#019.| Jedi – Bumberclaaart (dEEb)
#020.| Badman, Shri – Signs (Calibre)
#021.| T>I – Bad Mon
#022.| Phantom Warrior – Sky Is The Limit (dEEb)
#023.| Nicky Blackmarket, Voltage – Dub Tickles
#024.| Serum – You Think You Really Know Me
#025.| SPY feat. Diane Charlemagne – Dusty Fingers (dEEb)
#026.| Alix Perez – Recall & Reflect
#027.| T>I – Emotion
#028.| Magnetic Man feat. John Legend – Getting Nowhere (Breakage)
#029.| Shut Up & Dance – Outta National (Taxman)
#030.| Serum – Here Today Gone Tomorrow
#031.| Drumsound, Bassline Smith – Overdrive
#032.| Mob Tactics – Rave Weapon
#033.| Dub Zero – Come With It


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