M³ – Monday Morning Motivation with dEEb – @BrandonDNB (6/5/2017)


Back from the Throwback Family‘s 3-Day weekender. I’ve never been to a music festival in my life, let alone on the bill. I really want to give a big thank you to 87.9 FM The Bottom Pirate Radio Van for supplying the weekend and the surrounding area with weather updates and live feed of the party for the surrounding area. The most of us had zero reception. Everyone was safe and partied responsibly and the best part, everyone cleaned up after themselves. All lost items were returned to their owners, broken cars have been towed and fixed. People who lost their mind hopefully got them back. The only thing left is sleep… but what is sleep? Today’s Motivational program, information links and my face down below.


Did you know? You can catch this program, as well as my đRum & Bass Friday program over at Hush.FM every week along with loads of other talents from across the globe! We have this wicked app that the few of us work on so you can get chatroom and music straight to your mobile device! Just click on Apple Phones or Android Phones. It’s free! Just search me on Soundcloud, DNBSHARE or virtually anywhere else.

░▒▒▒▓▓▓ Schedules, Links & NFO
▒ Location: Hush.FM
▒ Stream: HERE
▒ Download: HERE
▓ Archive: HERE
▓ WordPress: HERE
▒ Twitter: HERE
▒ Facebook: HERE
#001.| Decimal Bass – How To Jive
#002.| Dub Motion – Fever
#003.| T>I – Velvet
#004.| Voltage – Goblin
#005.| Ravage – Missing You (Zen)
#006.| Prototypes – Lights
#007.| Deadmau5, Kaskade – I Remember (J Majik, Wickaman)
#008.| Logistics – Colour Wheel (Friction, K-Tee VIP)
#009.| Camo, Krooked – Mindset
#010.| Cabbie – Dark Dark
#011.| Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Modified Motion, Faction)
#012.| Original Sin – D For Danager
#013.| Sigma – The Jungle (Sub Zero)
#014.| Turno, Logan D – Spitshine
#015.| Tyke, Pleasure – Schizophrenia
#016.| Pasco – We Make Weapons (VIP 2)
#017.| Serum – Up In Smoke
#018.| Voltage – Step On Necks
#019.| Modified Motion – What’s That Mean
#020.| Original Sin – Borg
#021.| Ozma – Phantoma (Sub Zero)
#022.| Taxman – Konkrete Shoes
#023.| Serum feat. Trigga – Phenomenon (Part. 2)
#024.| Decimal Bass, Konichi – Machinery (Jaydan)
#025.| T>I – Low Ace
#026.| A Side – Wake Up (VoltagE)
#027.| Zen – Double Bobble
#028.| Whiney – Komodo
#029.| Hazard – Digital Bumble Bees
#030.| Heist, Turno – Glad You Came
#031.| Nu:Elementz, Majistrate Feat. Jessica Luck – Never Forget
#032.| Hoogs – What You Say
#033.| Version – Eyeball Ryhthm
#034.| Voltage – Float Ya Boat VIP
#035.| Limited – Orders
#036.| Ego Tripin’ – Two types
#037.| Sub Zero, Limited – How To Act
#038.| Prototypes feat. Amy Pearson – Don’t Let Me Go (Big Top Mix)
#039.| Jayline feat. Grima – What’s My Name
#040.| Original Sin – Cheater Cheater
#041.| Serum – You Think You Really Know Me
#042.| Version – Come See
#043.| Voltage – Dead Tonight



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