Hello, my name is Brandon ‘dEEb’ Bean and I go by dEEb. I am a columnist at American Drum And Bass internet magazine called Best Drum And Bass. There you can find my published articles relating to Drum And Bass Jungle music, mixes and events. Working with Flak Music Promotions giving an outlet for artists to showcase talent freely to a broad audience handling sounds such as Grime, Jungle and all things Bass. You can find my Flak Sessions on their page as well. With over 4 years of Internet Radio Talk Show Hosting experience. At Hush.FM every single Monday you can listen to my “Monday Morning Motivation” program. Or catch the archives of those Radio Shows Here! Partnered with some of the best and major outlets in Drum And Bass music like The Drum And Bass Express, The Express Record Label, Audio Overload & Dubstomp 2 Bass Records. Abducted Records, LTD and Jungle Warfare Recordings. Over at my Website, you can find all these things and more. Thanks for your support!


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